Being a Behaviour Change Professional
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Course moduleSOW-PSMBC14
Credits (ECTS)4
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
prof. dr. R.B. van Baaren
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prof. dr. H.P. Veling
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I.A.M. Verpaalen, MSc
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I.A.M. Verpaalen, MSc
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I.A.M. Verpaalen, MSc
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Academic year2020
SEM1  (01/09/2020 to 24/01/2021)
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Placement procedure-
  • You have experience with basic presentation skills that are required when working in the field.
  • You practice how to enthuse people for the Science of Behaviour Change, and how you can pitch the added value of Behaviour Change to organisations.
  • You can apply basic professional communication skills, for instance interpersonal conversation techniques, interviewing and leading acquisition meetings.
  • You can reflect on potential challenges that you may encounter when working in the field
  • You develop project management skills at the level of managing study projects.
  • You can reflect on your professional and personal development, particularly on what kind of Behaviour Change Professional fits your personality and personal skills.
During the course, every week two sessions are devoted to topics such as interviewing, professional conversations, communication and presentation skills. In addition, presentations are given by the participants, and participants are challenged to reflect on their own professional development.  The topics of the presentations vary each time, and there will be attention for communicating via video as well.  In addition to the training courses, interactive lectures are provided by teachers and guest speakers. This helps you to become acquainted with the professional field. For example, we consider the question of how you can make people enthusiastic about behavioural change, and how you can clearly convey the added value of behavioural change for organizations. In between meetings you work on your project management skills through assignments and self-reflection, and you focus on the question what type of behavioural change suits you most. 

Presumed foreknowledge

Test information
The course works towards a video recorded presentation.
In this presentation, you reflect on what you have learned in this course about being a behaviour change professional, and you apply the presentation skills that you have mastered. Your pitch will be evaluated on the four characteristics of a good presentation as described in the mandatory literature: Organised, Passionate, Engaging and Natural.

For this course, an attendance of 100% is required.

Required materials
To be read BEFORE the start of the course.
Title:The exceptional presenter. (2007)
Author:Koegel, T.J.
Publisher:Austin TX: Greenleaf.

Instructional modes
Plenary Meetings

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Attendance MandatoryYes

Groups will be made after the academic year has started

Final Assignment
Test weight1
Test typeAssignment
OpportunitiesBlock SEM1, Block SEM1