Human Resource Management
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Course moduleSOW-PSMWOH14
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
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drs. J.G.F. Hell
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dr. T.H.J. van Noorden
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dr. S.S.H. Simons
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dr. S.S.H. Simons
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dr. S.S.H. Simons
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Academic year2020
SEM1  (01/09/2020 to 24/01/2021)
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The goal of this course is to develop an overview of, and acquire experience with current and important topics in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM). Furthermore, you will acquire in-depth knowledge and skills on several HRM topics to prepare you to work in HRM functions.
After this course:
  1. You can identify different Human Resource Management professions and their work content (e.g., recruiter, selection psychologist, coach, HR manager, policy maker)
  2. You will be able to deal with several concrete HRM cases (e.g., how to deal with recruiting employees, how to convince managers, or how to consult on HR policy), and you will know how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice
  3. You have acquired skills and experience in working with methods that are important for the different professions and HR roles (e.g., in selecting candidates, using HR conversation methods, or the application of strategic HR in a company)
The course Personnel Psychology (PSMWOH11) focuses on the theoretical background of personnel psychology and human resource management. The current course focusses on HRM practice and linking topics of practice to elements in the theoretical course. In workgroups, assignments and exercises concerning different themes within the HRM work field are discussed and experienced. Also, students will work with actual HRM instruments and techniques. The different roles of the HRM professional are addressed.
Examples of topics:
  • Recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Assessments: tests and role-play
  • HR communication skills
  • Coaching
  • Employability and life-phase oriented HR policy
  • Strategic HRM
  • This course is available for students of the Master ‘Work, Organisation and Health only

Presumed foreknowledge
  • The course ‘Personnel Psychology’ (PSMWOH11) is a prerequisite requirement for participation in this course.
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  • Registration closes one week before the start of the course. 
  • Due to possible events or measures involving the corona-crisis, (parts of) this course may be adapted / changed / or skipped.
Required materials
The literature of the course Personnel Psychology (PSMWOH11) is used in addition to the literature described in the course manual.
Course guide
The literature consists of a manual with assignments and exercises.

Instructional modes
Lab course
Attendance MandatoryYes

Test weight1
Test typeAssignment
OpportunitiesBlock SEM1, Block SEM2

2 Assignments, see for more information the course manual.