Master thesis and Internship
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Course moduleSOW-PSMWOH70
Credits (ECTS)30
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Social Sciences; Psychology;
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dr. B.J.C. Claessens
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dr. B.J.C. Claessens
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dr. B.J.C. Claessens
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dr. B.J.C. Claessens
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dr. Y.J.L. Griep
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Academic year2020
JAAR  (01/09/2020 to 27/08/2021)
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After following this course, you will be able:
  • To deal with contemporary organisational issues and research questions while using and applying relevant scientific literature from the field of work and organisational psychology;
  • To manage and execute projects concerning organisational questions effectively, efficiently and independently; with a realistic planning you are able to keep track of feasibility while taking into account the available time and means. You are also able to communicate and evaluate the planning and master project;
  • To communicate professionally in writing and presenting, but also in networking, relation management and in creating willingness to cooperate.
The master project consists of a combined research and internship period of 21 weeks. You will effectively operate on the intersection of research and practice within the field of work and organisational psychology.

Your master project can be conducted in the Netherlands or abroad. You are allowed to write your master thesis in English or Dutch. Students should find an organisation where they conduct their master project on their own, with support from one of our teachers and fellow students (see also course Introduction Work, Organization, and Health: Part B). A flyer to briefly inform organisations on the master project will be available. More information can be found on


Presumed foreknowledge
The master specialisation Work, Organisation and Health consists of: 1) Introduction Work, Organisation and Health (Part A: 4 EC; Part B: 2 EC) 2) two out of three theoretical courses (2*6 EC) 3) two out of three application courses (2*6 EC). In total, you will follow 5 courses; 30 EC. You can start your master project when you have obtained 24 EC (of the 30 EC in the first semester) and the master project coordinator has approved the organisation and your research proposal.
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Please note: Due to possible unexpected events or measures involving the corona-crisis, (parts of) this course may be adapted / changed / or skipped.
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Course guide
The course manual ‘Thesis and internship Work, Organisation and Health’ contains detailed information on the master project, such as conditions, possible topics, deadlines and assessment criteria and is available at the start of the academic year.

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