Information about course modules Academic year 2016
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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
NWI-IBC017Calculus and Probability TheoryKW33 EC
NWI-IBI008Data MiningKW16 EC
NWI-IBC029Functional Programming 1KW23 EC
NWI-IBC030Functional Programming 2KW33 EC
NWI-IBC015Functional Programming for AIKW33 EC
NWI-IPC025Hacking in CKW33 EC
NWI-I00041Information RetrievalKW16 EC
NWI-IBC023Introduction to CryptographyKW36 EC
NWI-IPC017Matrix CalculationKW33 EC
NWI-IBC022Network SecurityKW43 EC
NWI-IBC034Operating Systems SecurityKW23 EC