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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
NWI-MOL022Aspects of Molecular Lifes SciencesKW43 EC
NWI-MOL013Biochemical ProcessesKW23 EC
NWI-MOL010Biochemistry ProjectKW26 EC
NWI-MOL043Bioinorganic ChemistryKW33 EC
NWI-MOL008BiomoleculesKW13 EC
NWI-MOL021Cell Biophysics ProjectKW46 EC
NWI-MOL001Chemical AnalysisKW13 EC
NWI-MOL065ChemometricsKW36 EC
NWI-MOL073Comparative GenomicsKW33 EC
NWI-MOL050Condensed MatterKW43 EC
NWI-MOL032Crystal StructureKW23 EC
NWI-MOL027DNA TechnologyKW13 EC
NWI-MOL014Electricity and Magnetism 1AKW43 EC
NWI-MOL025Electricity and Magnetism 2AKW43 EC
NWI-MOL020Environmental Chemistry and Sustainab.KW43 EC
NWI-MOL091Green ChemistryKW23 EC
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