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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
NWI-NP005BCalculus 3KW33 EC
NWI-NP006BCalculus 4KW43 EC
NWI-NB002CElectromagnetism 1KW23 EC
NWI-NB003BElectromagnetism 2KW33 EC
NWI-NB029BElectronicsKW23 EC
NWI-NB032BIntroduction Theory General RelativityKW43 EC
NWI-WB079CManifoldsKW16 EC
NWI-NB052BNano-electronicsKW43 EC
NWI-NB074BNeurophysics 2KW43 EC
NWI-NB068BNonlinear Dynamics,Chaos and ApplicationKW43 EC
NWI-NB042BOpticsKW23 EC
NWI-NB013BQuantum Mechanics 1aKW33 EC
NWI-NB014BQuantum Mechanics 1bKW43 EC
NWI-NB015CQuantum Mechanics 2KW16 EC
NWI-NB930BRadio AstronomyKW13 EC
NWI-NB073BSdM: Subatomic PhysicsKW33 EC
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