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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
NWI-BM010CAdaptation Physiology of AnimalsKW13 EC
NWI-BM032CAdvanced EndocrinologyKW43 EC
NWI-BM004CApoptosisKW23 EC
NWI-BM053BBehavioural NeuroscienceKW13 EC
NWI-FMT020Bio-economyKW23 EC
NWI-FFIL203BBio-ethics for Life ScientistsKW43 EC
NWI-BM075Biodiversity AssessmentKW13 EC
NWI-FNWI001Career Orientation CourseKW2, KW3, KW43 EC
NWI-BM016CCellular Imaging in Four DimensionsKW33 EC
NWI-MOL414Chemical Discovery and DesignKW43 EC
NWI-BM024DCourse on Laboratory Animal SciencesKW1, KW2, KW33 EC
NWI-BM038AEcological and Environmental ConceptsKW13 EC
NWI-FMT022Energy and ClimateKW16 EC
NWI-FMT026Energy ModellingKW23 EC
NWI-FFIL209BEnvironmental EthicsKW33 EC
NWI-MM020AEnvironmental Life Cycle AssessmentKW23 EC
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