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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
NWI-BB027CApplied and Environmental MicrobiologyKW36 EC
NWI-BB051BApplied BioinformaticsKW26 EC
NWI-BB036BApplied EcologyKW36 EC
NWI-BB017CBiochemistry and Molecular Biology IIKW46 EC
NWI-BB032BBiotechnology of PlantsKW36 EC
NWI-BB085BBrain and BehaviourKW36 EC
NWI-BB081BCognitive NeuroimagingKW36 EC
NWI-BB083BEcological Theory and Data AnalysisKW36 EC
NWI-BB064BFunctional GenomicsKW36 EC
NWI-BB086Genomics for Health and EnvironmentKW112 EC
NWI-MB021BGeographic Information SystemsKW26 EC
NWI-BB028BHistory of BiologyKW33 EC
NWI-MB024CHuman and Ecological Risk AssessmentKW36 EC
NWI-BB047CHuman Embr. and Dev.BiologyKW36 EC
NWI-BB019BImmunologyKW26 EC
NWI-BB084BMolecular Principles of DevelopmentKW26 EC
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