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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
NWI-NB001CAdvanced MechanicsKW16 EC
NWI-WB006CAdvanced ProbabilityKW13 EC
NWI-WB041BAdvanced StatisticsKW43 EC
NWI-WP001BAnalysis 1KW26 EC
NWI-WB001BAnalysis 2KW16 EC
NWI-NB001BAnalytical MechanicsKW13 EC
NWI-WB064BApplied StochasticsKW16 EC
NWI-NB028CAtomic&Molecular PhysicsKW23 EC
NWI-WB095Axiomatic Set TheoryKW16 EC
NWI-WM995Axiomatic Set Theory - MasterKW16 EC
NWI-WP025Calculus AKW16 EC
NWI-WP026Calculus BKW36 EC
NWI-NP015BCaleidoscope AstronomyKW13 EC
NWI-WB083Category Theory and Homological AlgebraJAAR6 EC
NWI-NB046CChemistry&Physics of AtmosphereKW1, KW43 EC
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