Information about course modules Academic year 2022
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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
MAN-MHR015A Critical Approach to SHRL16 EC
MAN-BCU168Accounting46 EC
MAN-MEC031Accounting and Control16 EC
MAN-MEC034Accounting and Governance26 EC
MAN-MEC040Accounting Information Systems36 EC
MAN-MEC052Accounting, Organisations and Society36 EC
MAN-MEC043Advanced Behavioural Finance26 EC
MAN-MEC053Advanced Corporate Finance and Control36 EC
MAN-MEC035Advanced Financial Economics36 EC
MAN-MOD012Advanced Research Methods16 EC
MAN-BCU2028Approaches to Space and Environment16 EC
MAN-BCU2041Behavioural and Experimental Economics36 EC
MAN-BCU2005Behavioural and Experimental Finance36 EC
MAN-MEC041Behavioural Economics & Policy16 EC
MAN-BCU306Borders and Identities in Europe16 EC
MAN-MSG057Borders in a Postcolonial World36 EC
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