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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
NWI-NM085CAdvanced Computational NeuroscienceKW36 EC
NWI-NM048BAdvanced Machine LearningKW26 EC
NWI-NM092BAdvanced Stellar and Binary EvolutionKW16 EC
NWI-NM121Astronom Instrumentation & Data AnalysisKW39 EC
NWI-NM076BAstroparticle PhysicsKW36 EC
NWI-NM018BBlack Holes and AccretionKW16 EC
NWI-NM015CCDS: Advanced ProgrammingJAAR, KW33 EC
NWI-NM048DCDS: Machine LearningKW13 EC
NWI-NM066DCDS: Numerical MethodsKW23 EC
NWI-WM072CComplexity Theory (MasterMath)KW18 EC
NWI-NM047DComputational NeuroscienceKW23 EC
NWI-NM133Computational Quantum PhysicsKW36 EC
NWI-NM132Condensed Matter Quantum Field TheoryKW26 EC
NWI-NM067BData AnalysisKW23 EC
NWI-NM001BElectrodynamicsKW13 EC
NWI-NB077Experimental TechniquesKW13 EC
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