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Course moduleBrief name
Starting block
MAN-MHR015A Critical Approach to SHRL16 EC
MAN-MOD012Advanced Research Methods16 EC
MAN-MIE004Business Development16 EC
MAN-MST020Business Model Innovation36 EC
MAN-MMA024Consumer Behaviour16 EC
MAN-MST014Corporate Strategy16 EC
MAN-MEC050Culture and Institutions26 EC
MAN-MOC008Current Persp. on Responsible Org.36 EC
MAN-MOC009Data Analytics Resp. Business Solutions36 EC
MAN-MMA038Digital Marketing36 EC
MAN-MIE002Entrepreneurship & Finance26 EC
MAN-MOD011Forms of Responsible Organising36 EC
MAN-MHR005AGender and Diversity in Organisations16 EC
MAN-MPOL053Gender, Conflict and Security36 EC
MAN-MHR002AHRM and Performance26 EC
MAN-MEC042Inequality & Development26 EC
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