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Doelen diversity, equity and inclusion office

De Radboud Universiteit draagt ​​bij aan een gezonde, vrije wereld met gelijke kansen voor iedereen. Hoe werken we aan een diverse en inclusieve campus voor medewerkers en studenten?

Mission and Vision

To jointly promote a safe, inclusive and equitable campus society that embraces and embodies diversity and the values of social justice and  advocate and agitate for positive change, in  alignment with the sustainable development goals.


Lead, facilitate, mentor, stimulate and support all levels of the organisation to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion objectives through collaboration and insightful programming.


To firmly embed diversity, equity and inclusion into the organisational culture of Radboud university community.

Goals 2022

Priority 1: Embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion [DEI]

Embed DEI in Instruments of policy and practice to impact cultural and structural change.

Priority 2: Monitor DEI Progress


Priority 3: Shape DEI Policies & Procedures

Shape DEI policies and procedures to reflect a DEI framework

Priority 4: Be a global DEI Hub

Position RU as a Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion [DEI] Catalyst & Hub

Priority 5: Promote an Accessible, Safe, Inclusive Campus

Promote an accessible, inclusive and safe campus environment

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