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Solidarity Week 2022

16-20 May: Join Us in Solidarity - Solidarity Week 2022

This year the Solidarity Week was held for people to come together to raise awareness about issues of inequality, oppression and marginalisation. The uncomfortable conversations about racism, intersectionality, religion, stigmas, cultural and structural barriers continued. Many embraced the discomfort in  brave, safe spaces  and contributed to tackling head on the issues of discrimination.

This year we also moved beyond the conversations: We engaged in change behaviour, developed policies together and grew in unity.

This is a Radboud University initiative borne from the voices of dedicated students, staff, faculty members and proudly supported by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion [DEI] Office.

Introduction: Keynote on Intersectionality

The DEI Solidarity Week 2022 was kicked off with a keynote by Dr. Arun Verma on intersectionality and antiracism. This event examined how to disrupt the higher education sector through ambitious actions and collective, participatory and evidence-informed responses to racism.

Join Us in Solidarity: Voices of Ukrainian Scholars

The week continued with a discussion on the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine and its impact on research and academic community discussed by Ukrainian scholars. Scholars Olexiy Haran (Professor of Comparative Politics at the UKMA), Volodymyr Dubovyk (Associate Professor, Director of the Center for International Studies, Odesa Mechnykov National University, Ukraine), and Halyna Solovei (Professor of international relations, communication and regional studies at the UKMA) got together to discuss the horror of war and hate. Read more

DEI in Poetry

In their literary expedition ‘Drapetomania: Exploring Afropessimism’ artist Richard Kofi and choreographer Christian Gueramatchi introduced their sources of inspiration. Kofi and Gueramatchi base their conversation on Kofi's latest short film Drapetomania in which two characters try to find their way through a reality that is heading for an apocalypse. The title Drapetomania refers to the alleged condition of the same name that would lead enslaved people to flee their captivity. The term is part of a pseudoscientific-racist worldview that still influences contemporary forms of racism, but will be completely torn apart in this conversation. Kofi and Gueramatchi had a conversation about Afrofuturism, Afropessimism, the work of the American artist Kara Walker and Gueramatchi's play Hissy-Fit.

From Policy to Practice: Antiracism Policy Workshop

In this session DEI student interns held focus group discussions with staff and students using the Student ARA Report 2021 to form the backdrop for the development of Radboud University’s Antiracism Policy 2022. This session for both staff and students was extremely inspiring.


DEI Anti-Bias Theatre Premiere

This workshop offered the audience, leaders and team members, opportunities to address serious issues that they encounter in their workplace and allowed them to engage in some difficult conversations.

“Together with Radboudumc, Radboud University has created an interactive
theater with Crux Creaties. It is partly a theater, where shared stories are acted out on stage by a team of professionals. Actors wonder aloud how they can bridge differences, explore and address power relations and questions what diversity really means, for example.

These scenes act as windows into prejudice, everyday behavior and issues of gender equality and breaking the glass ceiling; physical or psychological limitations that (un)consciously lead to distance from the labor market; construction of barriers when it comes to individuals with different identities. It seeks to give individuals the tools to sit with discomfort in a safe space.”

Three more performances are scheduled for the coming months, click the link below to find out more!

Join Us in Solidarity

Rona Jualla-van Oudenhoven is de Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programma manager aan de Radboud Universiteit. In dit stuk schrijft ze over de veilige, inclusieve en rechtvaardige campus en de Anti-Racism Awareness Week - join us in solidarity!

22- 26 maart 2021: Anti Racism Awareness Week

Er is een nieuwe stap gezet met de Anti-Racism Awareness Week. Gesprekken over racisme, intersectionaliteit, dekolonisatie van de samenleving en frisse manieren om de academische wereld te benaderen, hebben een basis gelegd om structureel geweld op de campus verder aan te pakken. Het was een week waarin zowel panelleden als publiek samenkwamen om ervaringen, emoties en ideeën met elkaar te delen. We horen jullie, we blijven luisteren.

Studenten die geconfronteerd worden met discriminatie hebben een veilige plek nodig waar zij terechtkunnen met hun zorgen. De Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Office van de Radboud Universiteit wil ruimtes bieden waar studenten en staf hun belangen kunnen delen, waar ze gehoord worden en waar gewerkt wordt aan concrete stappen richting een inclusievere campus. Deze week was slechts het begin: de DEI Office is hier om te blijven. Maar dit soort issues kunnen we niet allemaal in één week aankaarten, laat staan oplossen. Het is een continu proces.

De dynamische, krachtige gesprekken die ons allemaal hebben geïnspireerd tijdens de Anti-Racism Awareness Week moeten niet de uitzondering zijn, maar de norm worden. Het heeft ons laten zien hoe het kan zijn en hoort te zijn. Dat heeft lang op zich laten wachten. Jarenlang hebben studenten en staf te maken gehad met scheve gezichten wanneer zij dit soort onderwerpen in het verleden onder de aandacht probeerden te brengen. Dat is nu verleden tijd, samen hebben we een begin gemaakt. En samen kunnen we verder strijden om onze stem te laten horen. Laat we naar elkaar blijven luisteren, blinde vlekken onder de loep nemen en onze afkomst vieren om het helingsproces verder op gang te brengen.

ARAW Bios of Participants (pdf, 728 kB)

Bios of Antiracism Committee Members (pdf, 637 kB)

ARAW program March 2021 (pdf, 723 kB)