S.N. Ballin (Samuel) LLM

Promovendus - Vaksectie Rechtssociologie en Migratierecht

S.N. Ballin (Samuel) LLM

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Samuel Ballin (he/they) is a PhD candidate researching climate change and EU migration law at the Centre for Migration Law (CMR).

Their PhD research project uses a combination of legal and empirical research methods to examine the position of third-country national migrant workers in relation to economic-ecological pressures and vulnerabilities, and the protection of related rights and resilience under EU migration law. The project considers diverse examples of labour migration, bringing together legal analysis and new empirical data to develop fresh insights into the climate-migration nexus beyond the thorny question of causation. It seeks to understand such vulnerabilities as they are experienced by migrant workers in practice, and to analyse the role of EU migration law as a framework for protection and adaptation. This project is part of a group of PhD researchers at the Centre for State and Law (SteR) examining diverse aspects of sustainability and public law.

Samuel has a Graduate Diploma in Law from the University of Sheffield and an LLM International Migration and Refugee Law from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. They have worked as a pro bono legal adviser, a lecturer and as a language teacher and have previously written and published on a range of migration-related topics including gender and asylum. They are a coordinator of the Netherlands Network of Human Rights Research (NNHRR) Working Group on Human Rights and the Climate Crisis. They are a member of the NNHRR Working Group on Migration and Borders and the Refugee Law Initiative Working Group on Climate Change, Disasters and Displacement.