L.G.M. Clement (Laura)

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L.G.M. Clement (Laura)

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I graduated from a Master’s degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience at Sorbonne University in Paris. During my Master’s degree internship, I worked at the IFM in the team of Dr Gabrielle Girardeau, where I studied the role of the hippocampal dorso-ventral coordination in the stabilization of aversive memories during sleep under the supervision of Dr Facundo Morici. I found my internship so fascinating that it was clear to me that I needed to continue studying the oscillations of the brain during sleep to understand more about the consolidation of memories. I now started my PhD at Donders Institute at Radboud University In Nijmegen under the supervision of Dr Lisa Genzel. We are studying how previous knowledge can lead to faster learning and consolidation of memories. To that aim, I perform electrophysiological recordings in rats during sleep before and after a behavioral task in our large navigational maze for rodents, the HexMaze.

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