dr. M.G. Contreras (Gaby)

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dr. M.G. Contreras (Gaby)

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Gabriela (Gaby) Contreras is an Assistant Professor in Economics and Business Economics at Radboud University in the Netherlands. She has a Ph.D. in Finance from Maastricht University.

Gaby is a social networks, multidisciplinary researcher. Her research interests lie at the intersection of sociology, economics, business, gender issues, regulation, and sustainability. She has researched questions ranging from the adoption of environmental codes of conduct by financial institutions to the role of affirmative action programs in women's representation in top management. The multidisciplinary spirit of her research is best reflected in the journals where her work has been published which includes The Lancet, World Development, and PLoS One.

Gaby completed a Bachelor’s degree with honors and magna cum laude distinction in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington in 2004, a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of California Berkeley in 2006, a Master’s degree in Multidisciplinary Economics with a minor in Geography at Utrecht University in 2011, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Finance at Maastricht University in 2016.

Her corporate experience includes an Assistant Vice-President position as an Operations Project Consultant, Vice-President positions as a Quantitative Risk Associate and Risk Management Analyst all at Bank of America in Charlotte, North Carolina between 2006 and 2009.

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