prof. dr. J.P.M. Fikkert (Paula)

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prof. dr. J.P.M. Fikkert (Paula)

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Paula Fikkert investigates the acquisition of phonological representations and the role they play in early speech perception and production. Phonological representations mediate between the acoustic signal and meaning in speech perception and between meaning and the articulatory output in speech production. Thus, phonological representations in the brain lay the foundation for successful communication. Yet, the nature of phonological representations that are built up during language acquisition is far from clear. With her research team she aims at unraveling this. She has contributed to several databases of spontaneous speech of typically developing children (CLPF), children acquiring sign language (IPROSLA) and children with speech disorders (VALID).

Paula Fikkert (PhD in Leiden, 1994, cum laude, AVT dissertation prize) held several postdoc positions at the University of Konstanz (Germany), before returning to the Netherlands as a KNAW (Royal Dutch Academy of Science) fellow joining the Radboud University. She held an Innovation Grant from NWO (2002-2007), and became Full Professor of Phonology and First Language Acquisition in 2007. She was research director of the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) at Radboud from 2011 to 2015, a member of the Humanities Board of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) until 2016, and is now a member of the Social Sciences and Humanities board of NWO.

She published many articles, several (co-)authored books, many chapters/articles to edited volumes. Her work has appeared in A-journals such as Cognition, Phonology, Journal of Child Language, Language Learning and Development, PLOS one, Language Acquisition.