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dr. S.W. Haarbosch (Simone)

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I graduated as a PhD in Sociology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and now I am continuing my research here both at Radboud University as well Wageningen University to further delve into the social aspects of the energy transition. By being part of the NWO funded project MARET EXPLORE (RU) and JustRES (WUR), we further delve into societal challenges that arrive from the energy transition. The energy transition requires a responsible and active role of citizens according to the various national, regional and local climate agreements. But how do citizens consider their own role, and what do they consider as a just energy transition? This NWO funded project specifically focuses on energy justice in light of the new governance structure of the RES regions. It can be hard to understand the consequences of (energy) policies in practice, and what this means for citizens.

Next to these two project, I am also the co-ordinator of the Studio Kanaalzone, a physical spot in Dukenburg a living lab in the neighborhood Dukenburg where both citizens, researchers, policymakers and employees of the social housing associations are working together.

Future projects:
* Just PREPARE: a 4 year NWO funded program about energy practices in challenged neighborhood. See: https://www.nwo.nl/nieuws/toekenning-vier-onderzoeksprojecten-energietransitie-als-maatschappelijk-technische

My work is concentrated around vulnerable citizens (dementia, migrants, poverty) and to use my own network to distribute their experiences and practices in the challenges they face on a daily base. Therefore, I am using creative qualitative research methods, like walk-along interviews, photography assignments, drawing techniques and developing questionary games and using posters and mapping assignments.

In case you are having any questions about the project or my expertise, please do not hesitate to write me a message!





De energietransitie vereist een verantwoordelijke en actieve rol van burgers volgens de verschillende nationale, regionale en lokale klimaatafspraken. Maar hoe zien burgers hun eigen rol en wat zien zij als een rechtvaardige energietransitie?