drs. J. Hermens (Janske)

Buitenpromovendus - Wijsgerige ethiek en politieke filosofie

drs. J. Hermens (Janske)
Werkdagen woensdag, vrijdag

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) often phrases his critique of (contemporary) culture in medical terms. He uses a typical 19th century jargon, and he plays with the ambiguity of meanings of words like “décadence” or “grosse Gesundheit”. Although such words are central in Nietzsche, they have not yet been thoroughly philosophically interpreted, which has partly to do with the distortive interpretations of the National socialists. By using a contextual-semasiological method of interpretation, this study hopes to identify and prevent these ideological pitfalls and to focus again on the immense philosophical power of Nietzsche’s thoughts on health and illness.

Master in Sociale Wetenschappen - international development collaboration. MA 1997 cum laude
Master in Wijsbegeerte - wijsgerige ethiek. MA 2002 cum laude