dr. J.H. Hoepman (Jaap-Henk)

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dr. J.H. Hoepman (Jaap-Henk)

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My main research topics are privacy enhancing protocols and privacy by design. In particular, the following research topics are of interest to me: privacy by design, privacy and the Internet of Things, advanced use of smart-cards, and privacy and identity management. I am of course interested in cryptography and information security in general.

I am also interested in the social and legal aspects of technology, and like to engage in the public debate about security and privacy. I explore these issue on my blog.



Jaap-Henk Hoepman onderzoekt onder andere privacy by design: het ontwikkelen van systemen die vanaf het begin gebouwd worden rondom gegevensbescherming. Ook kijkt Hoepman naar methodes om de privacy van een online identiteit beter te beschermen.