S. Kamashi (Steven)

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S. Kamashi (Steven)

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My current position as education officer entails supporting lectures with creating and providing academic education. Further I also work as a lecturer, thus I experience first hand how the support I deliver works in the real world.

Thanks to my interdisciplinary background (BA in French & MSc in International Management) allow me to state that I learnt different scientific approaches: quantitative and qualitative research methods.

In my BA-thesis I analyzed the interracial relationships presented in the novel Georges (Dumas, 1843). My MA-Thesis on the other hand resulted in a conceptual framework for circular accounting. The motivation behind this research is to enhance the essential shift in modern economy from a linear business model orientation towards a circular one.

Being away from academia for 2 years taught me the business world. Having seeing both, I can honestly say that I can work in both fields. However I have a genuine interest to continue my career in academia in order to live out my passions: learning and discovering new aspects of life itself.