S.K. Karapakula Jaganath Rao MSc (Sukanth Kumar)

Promovendus - Astrophysics

S.K. Karapakula Jaganath Rao MSc (Sukanth Kumar)

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I am a PhD with NCLE project. The Netherlands-China Low-Frequency Explorer - NCLE, is a low-frequency radio experiment for the Chinese Chang'e 4 mission that will go in a Lissajous orbit around the Earth-Moon L2 point in 2018. NCLE is considered a pathfinder mission for a future low-frequency space-based or moon-based radio interferometer which has the detection and tomography of the 21-cm Hydrogen line emission from the Dark Ages period as the principle science objective.

My project focuses mainly on calibrating the NCLE instrument, and analysing the first science data. Additionally, I do test validations and verification at the Radboud Radio Lab with the NCLE engineering model (NCLE-EM). This is a necessary step to validate the command sequence before it is executed in the NCLE Flight model.

I have a varied expertise with a bachelors in Electronics and Communication and I further enhanced my expertise to work with Space Systems and have acquired a masters in Space Systems Engineering from TU Delft. My interests are to effectively merge Science and Engineering together to work hand in hand.