dr. A.R. Lehr (Alex)

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dr. A.R. Lehr (Alex)

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Dr. Alex Lehr is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science. He holds a PhD from Radboud University on a thesis about spillovers and conflict in collective bargaining. His research is on the intersection of sociology, economics, political science, and industrial and labor relations. His recent research focuses on two lines: 1) spillovers in labor relations and 2) challenges to labor market representation:

Spillovers in labor relations: Collective bargaining, wage-setting and strikes do not happen in a social vacuum. Trade union and employer negotiators, for instance, are influenced by negotiations in other companies, sectors and countries. These ‘spillovers’ create interdependencies that crucially affect labor relations outcomes. Yet knowledge on how and under which conditions spillovers operate is still very limited.

Challenges to labor market representation: Large-scale socio-economic developments such as globalization and post-industrialization challenge employees’ and employers’ representation on the labor market. Are small employers as well represented by employers’ organizations as big business? Do people with insecure employment, the so-called outsiders, feel as well represented by trade unions as people with stable and protected jobs, and if not, why? Better answers to such questions are of fundamental importance to the legitimacy of representation.

In developing these two research lines, Alex Lehr particularly specializes in the development and testing of micro-level theories, and the collection and statistical analyses of novel micro-level data, e.g. via surveys and experiments. He also teaches extensively on these topics.

Alex Lehr was visiting scholar at European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) in 2017 and at the University of York in 2013. He is a member of the board of Research Network RN17: Work, Employment and Industrial Relations of the European Sociological Association (ESA).


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