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V. Linke (Vera)

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In my PhD project, I research processes of gender knowledge production in NATO. As an institution of hegemonic masculinity and as the military arm of the still very powerful political West, NATO reproduces gender norms on a global scale. Yet, while NATO’s policies and actions have far-reaching effects, we do not actually know much about the kind of gender knowledge that informs NATO’s decision-making. By researching the collective ideas and assumptions around gender in NATO, we can gain a deeper understanding of the parameters for ‘common sense’ thinking about gender within the organization.

By combining Feminist International Relations with insights from the Sociology of Knowledge and the Science and Technology Studies in an innovative theoretical framework, this research project investigates how various, sometimes conflicting ideas and assumptions around gender become developed and contested in NATO. I explore gender knowledge development and contestation within NATO based on qualitative analysis of official NATO documents as well as semi-structured expert interviews with individuals from different NATO offices.

In researching NATO’s approach to gender at the level of knowledge, I aim to contribute to the literature on gender equality transformation and the debate around whether military organizations can be credible actors of such transformation.