dr. N. Lohmeyer (Nora)

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dr. N. Lohmeyer (Nora)

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I am Assistant Professor of Organisational Design and Development in the Organisational Design and Development research group at Nijmegen School of Management. Previously, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher in an international research project on the governance of labor standards in garment supply chains at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, where I also completed my PhD on the historical discourse on CSR in Germany and the rise to dominance of the ideology of the business case for CSR.

My current research continues to revolve around the politics of corporate responsibility, the privatization of regulation as well as questions of governance, particularly the governance of labor standards in global supply chains. I am particularly interested in the macro- and micro-organizational dynamics and governance mechanisms of corporate responsibility in the context of current sociopolitical and economic transformations. In my projects, I understand questions of corporate responsibility as going beyond the individual organization and involving different actors at industrial, national, and international levels, with most of my research focusing on questions around how organizations influence and are influenced by their changing organizational environments, including different actors in those environments.

To deal with the complexities of these topics, I draw on theories from organization and management, but also political science, sociology and history, and mainly make use of qualitative, often longitudinal and process research designs, covering methods such as discourse and textual analysis as well as interviews.


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