dr. D.F. Maciejewski (Dominique)

Universitair docent - Behavioural Science Institute
Universitair docent - Orthopedagogiek: Gezin en Gedrag

dr. D.F. Maciejewski (Dominique)

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The focus of my research is how emotion dynamics can explain intra-individual and inter-individual differences in psychopathology. Additionnally, recently, I got much more interested in how emotion regulation works in daily life. For instance, while it was long thought that certain ways of dealing with your emotions were inherently adaptive or maladaptive, recent work suggests that it is more about the flexibility of those responses. Additionally, few work has focused on regulation of positive emotions (e.g., savoring when something nice happens).

I have a strong focus on statistical methods, especially those analyzing (intensive) longitudinal data. My research predominately uses longitudinal data on a macro-level (e.g., across months or years) as well as Experience Sampling Methods (e.g., daily or multiple times per day).
I am advisor and collaborator for a number of projects using Experience Sampling Data within and outside the BSI and frequently advise colleagues on data analyses.

In 2021, together with Merlijn Olthof and Andrea Bunge, I conducted the Track your Mood study, which followed 90 students for 60 days to assess their emotions and emotion regulation every day (https://www.radboud-complexity.com/track-your-mood; pre-registration: https://osf.io/fx3ay/).

I am part of the Complex Systems Group labgroup, which really helped me get new perspectives on "old" reseach phenomena I was struggeling with (https://www.ru.nl/bsi/research/group-pages/complex-systems-group/)

Next to research, I teach the following courses:
- Intervention Methods (Bachelor pedagogics)
- Interventions (Bachelor pedagogics)
- Developmental Psychopathology (Research Master)




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