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F.H. Manga (Francois)

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After my Master (MA) at RU Nijmegen and my Research Master (MRes) at KU Leuven, I joined the Graduate School for the Humanities at the Radboud Universiteit in 2019 as External PhD Researcher with the research topic: "Entering the Mystery through the Reading: The Mystagogical process in the Spiritual Pilgrimage of Jan Pascha."
The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Pascha firstly edited in 1563 was originally composed from travelogues to support and inspire pilgrims who could not physically move to the Holy Land. Acting as a spiritual guide, Pascha led the user of his book (reader and/or listener) to Jerusalem throughout an imaginary pilgrimage. The writing technique used by Pascha namely writing, describing and explaining, resembles the mystagogical method utilised by many Church Fathers.
My research aims to uncover the mystagogical processes in the book of Pascha although it is not catechetical neither sacramental. I compare the mystagogical texts of some Church Fathers, especially Cyril of Jerusalem's Mystagogic Catechesis with the Spiritual Pilgrimage of Pascha. The outcome of my quest could set the imaginary pilgrimage of Pascha as a tool to enhance the spiritual guidance.
I make use of my capacities as Graduated Theologian (Systematic Theology-Spirituality & Mysticism), Philosophy (Hannah Arendt), Canon Law, and as a Certified Conflict Mediator, Coach in Spirituality and Leadership.
My familiarity with several languages namely English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Ewondo and Flemish is a valuable plus.

The Supervisors of my PhD research are:
Prof dr Christoph Hübenthal
and dr. Elisabeth Hense