dr. M. Meyer (Marlene)

Universitair hoofddocent - Cognitieve psychologie
Universitair hoofddocent - Donders Centre for Cognition
Universitair hoofddocent - Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

dr. M. Meyer (Marlene)

My research focuses on social-cognitive development in early childhood and how this development is portrayed in brain and behavior. In my PhD, I investigated joint action development and its distinct neurocognitive processes (planning, controlling and monitoring one’s own actions; predicting and monitoring others’ actions). I since continued my research on joint action development and, in addition, am investigating other social processes such as perspective-taking, learning from others (infant-directed actions) and the development of agency in early infancy. In my research, investigated infants (as young as 3 months), young children and adults to study social-cognitive processes. Moreover, I make use of a combination of techniques including behavioural, eye-tracking, motion-tracking and neuroimaging techniques (e.g. EEG) to link neural and behavioral measures.

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