C. Munezero MSc (Camille)

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C. Munezero MSc (Camille)

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Camille is a Burundian lawyer with a Master in Governance and Development. His work experience comprises teaching and/or research in the domains of law, human rights, land management, and conflicts settlement. He steered the swiss-funded Land Programme in Burundi, working on the development of decentralized land offices. He also worked as part-time lecturer in the law department of the University of Ngozi. He is a key member of Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l’Homme (APDH), a Burundian non profit making organisation, active in promoting peace and human rights. After he obtained his Master degree at the University of Antwerp in 2015, he returned to Burundi where he worked as consultant and for Land and Development Expertise Centre (LADEC). His current PhD research is part of the project SECURING TENURE, SUSTAINABLE PEACE? The challenges of localizing land-registration in conflict-affected Burundi and eastern DR Congo. From extended case studies of selected pilot projects, focus will be put on the impact of local land registration approaches on security of tenure and land conflicts resolution, within the multi-institutional and pluralistic legal contexts of the region.


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