F.J.W. Oude Maatman (Freek) MPhil

Promovendus - Behavioural Science Institute
Docent - Filosofie van de gedragswetenschappen
Promovendus - Filosofie van de gedragswetenschappen

F.J.W. Oude Maatman (Freek) MPhil

Thomas van Aquinostraat 4


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I am a philosopher of psychology, with the epistemic foundations of psychology's replication crisis as my main research interest. More specifically, I am interested in the question when and whether a psychological finding can be treated as evidence for a scientific claim or theory. This is also the core question of my PhD project (split between Radboud University and University of Groningen), which is supervised by Jan Bransen, Markus Eronen (UG) and Jan-Willem Romeijn (UG).

Next to my PhD project, I also work on theoretical approaches to psychopathology. My main research direction in regards to this topic are the ontological foundations of theories of psychopathology and their scientific consequences, especially in the case of personalized approaches to psychopathology (e.g., complex systems, the network approach).

My background is split between psychology, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. I also have a strong interest in history of psychology, scientific methodology, psychometrics and philosophy of statistics.