dr. B. Reinalda (Bob)

Fellow - Internationale Betrekkingen

dr. B. Reinalda (Bob)

Bob Reinalda is a Fellow at the Department of Political Science of Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL. He was trained at the University of Amsterdam as a Political Scientist, focusing on International Relations, and as a Social Historian, focusing on social movements. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (1981).

His research focuses on leadership by Executive Heads of IOs and the development of international secretariats of IOs and multilateral conferences. His book 'International Secretariats: Two Centuries of International Civil Servants and Secretariats' has been published by Routledge in its Global Institutions Series (2020). He has the article ‘Institutional Development of the United Nations Secretariat’ in the special issue for the 75th anniversary of the UN in the journal ‘Global Governance’ in June 2020 (26/2). He participates in the Cambridge History of International Law Project, in which he focuses on IOs in the Age of Empire (1860s-1919), and the French project on Multilateralism in Transition (set up by l’Université Paris 8, Sciences Po Grenoble and Sciences Po Paris), in which he discusses the secretariats of international organizations as potential actors of renewal. With Marieke Louis (Grenoble/Berlin) he is updating the 'Routledge Handbook of International Organization' (second edition, 2024).

Bob Reinalda is a Co-Editor of IO BIO, 'The Biographical Dictionary of Secretaries-General of International Organizations' (see www.ru.nl/fm/iobio) and the 'Biografisch Woordenboek van het Socialisme en de Arbeidersbeweging in Nederland' BWSA (see https://socialhistory.org/bwsa/).

He is an Editorial Board Member of JIOS, 'Journal of International Organization Studies', ERIS, 'European Review of International Studies' (for IOs) and 'Brood en rozen' (AMSAB, Ghent, see http://www.amsab.be/en/).




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