M. Semsarkazerouni MSc (Maryam)

Promovendus - Animal Ecology & Physiology

My research interest lies in the ecophysiological study of both aquatic & terrestrial ectotherms. The goal of my research is to understand how ectotherms respond to heat stress at different temporal scales and how these responses interact with other environmental conditions such as oxygen, food and day length. I address this issue by assessing the effect of thermal acclimation and starvation on survival and metabolism of Gammarus fossarum (Crustacea: Amphipoda) under different temperature and oxygen conditions. Moreover, we investigate both physiological (growth, development and body size) and ecological (dispersal and fecundity) consequences of abiotic factors (temperature and photoperiod) in Lepidoptera (Lycaena phlaeas).
I accomplished my master’s degree in animal biosystematics and my bachelor’s degree in general biology, both from Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran. My MSc thesis title was "Biosystematic study of two populations of Gammarus pseudosyriacus in south of Zagros Mountains (Fars and Yazd Provinces)". In this study, I focused on comparison of two freshwater Amphipod populations from two different catchments of Zagros Mountains in Iran. I did an extensive morphological and morphometrical study of these two populations. Based on the obtained results, I proposed that these populations could be recognized as two distinct subspecies.