dr. R.J.H. Smeets (Roel)

Universitair docent - Departement Moderne talen en culturen
Universitair docent - Humanities Lab Letteren

dr. R.J.H. Smeets (Roel)
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By combining the hermeneutical tools of close reading with data-driven quantitative analysis, I explore alternative ways to study intersections of 'the social' and 'the literary'. More specifically, I develop algorithms to pinpoint how real world social structures are mirrored, echoed or transformed in large collections of (Dutch) narrative fiction.

As Assistant Professor of Modern Literature and Digital Culture I teach courses on:
- (Modern and Western) literature and culture
- representations of technology and datafication in (popular) culture
- Digital Humanities and data-driven methods and techniques

As of recently, I serve as a Digital Humanities consultant at the Humanities Lab. RICH researchers can reach out to me if they would like advice on or help with:
- Implementing data-driven methodology or data models in their research design;
- Referencing Digital Humanities in grant applications;
- Getting started with data-driven techniques such as network analysis, text mining, machine learning, et cetera;
- Writing (Python) code.


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