J. Venetz (Jessica) MSc

Promovendus - Microbiologie

J. Venetz (Jessica) MSc

Heyendaalseweg 135
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In almost all coastal systems methane and ammonium are being produced in the deeper sediment layers as a result of anaerobic mineralization. Most of these systems contain an active microbial methane/ammonium biofilter preventing escape to the water column. However in some systems, especially during periods of hypoxia in late summer, this biofilter is not working efficiently enough which results in a periodic release of methane and ammonium to the water column. In this NESSC project we aim to investigate the microbial methane and nitrogen cycle and community structure in selected contrasting coastal waters with and without periodic methane/ammonium release with the ultimate goal to enrich the responsible microorganisms that are active in removing these harmful compounds from the water column