dr. P.E. Vermeiren (Peter)

Medewerker - Environmental Science

dr. P.E. Vermeiren (Peter)

Heyendaalseweg 135
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Postbus 9010

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Environmental pollution poses a serious, yet hard to quantify threat to biodiversity. My research strives to deepen understanding of the interactions of wildlife species and environmental pollution as a scientific basis for environmental management and policy.

I make extensive use of modelling as a powerful tool to synthesise current knowledge, identify data gaps, and test hypotheses under different simulated scenarios. I approach modelling from 2 perspectives with 1 overarching theme.

1. From a knowledge-driven perspective, I focus on models that synthesise and formalize current knowledge regarding processes governing individual organisms’ lifecycles, the dynamics of pollution uptake and elimination, and the resulting population level patterns this creates.

2. From a data-driven perspective, I focus on using data to learn about the processes that created patterns in them, and the factors influencing these patterns.

3. The role of uncertainty forms an overarching theme informing model development. Quantification and propagation of uncertainty through ecological models is critical for the correct interpretation and application of model outcomes in a decision-making context. Analysis of uncertainty also provides opportunities to improve ecological models and their underlying ecological theory.