I.G. Veul (Ivan)

Promovendus - Institute for Science in Society

I.G. Veul (Ivan)

Toernooiveld 5
Interne postcode: 77

Ivan Veul is a PhD candidate at both the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCiS) and the Institute for Science in Society (ISiS). After training as a data scientist, he went on to specialize in Science and Technology Studies. In his current research, Ivan Veul combines both disciplines to inquire into Google's use of personal data. Specifically, his project aims to stimulate constructive deliberation between civil society, governments and Google about how we can better align Google's data practices with the norms, values and needs of civil society.
At the core of Ivan Veul's work, lies the belief that, in our current digitized world, civil society needs to be empowered to participate in a reflection on technology that considers not only technical issues, but also societal and ethical ones.