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prof. dr. J.M. Vink (Jacqueline)

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After working for a few years as research assistant at the IVF centre of the VU medical centre, my scientific journey really started with my PhD project “A twin-family study of smoking behaviour” at the Department of Biological Psychology of the VU. I defended my thesis in 2004. In 2006 I received a personal VENI grant which gave me the opportunity to explore the causes and consequences of smoking behaviour and nicotine addiction. During that project and thanks to developments in literature I realized there is (genetic) overlap in different addictive behaviours and therefore I broadened my focus to the use of other substances as well. My ERC Starting grant entitled ‘Beyond the genetics of addiction” (2011) gave me the opportunity to explore gene-environment interplay and studying the health consequences of substance use. My personal career moved from postdoc (2004), to assistant professor (2005), associate professor (2011) and full professor (2014, FDL chair: Genetics & Addictive Behavior)) at the VU. In 2015 I moved to my current full professor position at the Behavioural Science Institute of the Radboud University. Here I established the Substance use, Addiction and Food (SAF) group within our Developmental Psychopathology (DP) research program and I became program leader of the whole DP-group (2019).
My current research is broadened from exploring genetic factors for substance use and eating behavior to a broader perspective including more contextual factors in explaining substance use (alcohol, smoking, drugs) and eating behavior. In addition a project is started to investigate student wellbeing (including their substance use and lifestyle). Recent projects also include the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. See projects.

Teaching (2021-2022):
-Recente ontwikkelingen in Risicogedrag (Ma PW)
-Thesis supervision (Ma PW)
-Psychobiology of Behavior (RM Behavioural Science)
-Supervision RM Major Project (RM Behavioural Science)
-Publishing Skills (PhD-students BSI)

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