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dr. A. Wigger (Angela)

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Angela Wigger is specialised in the discipline of Global Political Economy and researches capitalist crises and responses from a historical materialist perspective. Focal points are the geopolitics of EU industrial and antitrust policy, its financing, industrial re-shoring and on-shoring attempts, the "competitiveness" fetish, internal devaluation and debt-led accumulation in the age of rentier capitalism.

Angela co-edits the book series Progress in Political Economy (PPE), the journal Capital&Class, and chairs the supervisory board of the Centre for Research of Multinational Corporations (SOMO).

She wrote "The Politics of European Competition Regulation. A Critical Political Economy Perspective" (with H.Buch-Hansen, Routledge) and published in journals like New Political Economy, New Political Science, RIPE, JCMS, Economy&Society, Globalizations, Geoforum, Capital&Class, Ephemera, Global Political Economy, and many more. Her PhD was titled Competition for Competitiveness. The Politics of Transformation of the EU Competition Regime (2008).

Recent work:

2024: The New EU Industrial Policy and the Hidden Costs of Crowding in Private Investors: An urgent call for the European Left to champion discussions about alternatives futures. transform!Europe.

2023: Critical and Feminist European Political Economy. In: European Political Economy. Theoretical Approaches, Issue Areas, and Policy Challenges, OUP. With L. Horn.

2023: Historical Materialism. In: Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy, OUP.

2023: The new EU industrial policy and deepening structural asymmetries: Smart Specialisation not so smart. Journal of Common Market Studies 61(1): 20-37.

2022: Continuing to fight the beast of the apocalypse: Reasons for a critical political economy perspective. Global Political Economy 1(1):188–96.

2022: Housing as a site of accumulation in Amsterdam and the creation of surplus populations. Geoforum 126(November): 451-460.

  • Capitalism, Crises, Industrial Policy and Debt-Led Accumulation



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