prof. dr. D.A. Wilson (Daniela)

Hoogleraar - Systems Chemistry

prof. dr. D.A. Wilson (Daniela)

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The field of Structural Biology has made significant progress in understanding, at a molecular level, the operating mechanisms of molecular machines and in turn has inspired scientists to engineer synthetic structures that mimic the complexity and function of biological systems. In response to the discovery of motor proteins and their assemblies, futuristic visions of building “tiny cars”, “aircrafts” or “submarines” as small as bacteria or “microscopic surgeons” via a DESIGNER MOLECULAR APPROACH able to reach infected organs and cure diseases have emerged.
Dr. Daniela A. Wilson conducts research at the interface of supramolecular chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, and nanotechnology. The focus of her research is on the design of molecules and their interaction to generate structures with complex behaviour with a strong emphasis on the emergence of function from such complex supramolecular assemblies. A current emphasis on her research is the generation of autonomous movement in synthetic supramolecular systems and controlling their motion, directionality and collective behaviour using self-assembly as a tool.
In 2012 she was awarded an ERC starting grant (1.5 milion euros) to investigate nano-motors with autonomous propulsion in biological systems for delivery applications.