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List of contacts

This page contains a list of people you can contact with questions regarding your PhD project and related issues. In principle, PhD candidates must first consult their daily supervisor or PhD supervisor.

Human Resources

Visit your HR-officer or -advisor if you have any questions about your employment as a PhD candidate (such as salary, conditions of employment, career counselling, etc.).

As a Radboud University employee you have access to the Radboud University intranet. On the intranet you can also find a great deal of information on conditions of employment and university regulations.

Questions for international Phd candidates

All international Phd's that have questions about moving to and working in The Netherlands can contact International Office or contact the International Staff Information Desk.

General questions

If you still have questions after consulting your daily or personnel advisor, you can visit the faculty contact for questions regarding PhD projects at Radboud University. Below you will find an overview of all faculty contacts:

Faculty of Social Sciences
(drs.) Meta van den Eng, Behavioural Science Institute
024 - 361 0082

dr. Femke Maij, Donders Centre for Cognition
tel. 024-361 2674

Marjolein Wasmus, Radboud Social Cultural Research
tel. 024-361 2512

Faculty of Arts
dr. Peter van der Heiden, GSH coordinator
tel. 024-361 5559

Nijmegen School of Management
Daan van Bel, Doctoral Officer
tel. 024-362 0094

Faculty of Law 
Kitty van Veelen, Coördinator Graduate School
Email: k.vanveelen@jur.ru.nl
Telefoon: 024-361 1488

Faculty of Science
This faculty lists contacts per institute. Visit the websites of the various institutes.

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies
Nicolet Boekhoff-van der Voort, GSH Coordinator
tel. 024-362 0065

Faculty of Medical Sciences
This faculty appoints one contact for each research institute. These are:

Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, RIMLS
Adrian Cohen: (Adrian.cohen@radboudumc.nl)

Donders Center for Neuroscience
Annemiek Barsingerhorn: (dgcncoordinator@donders.ru.nl)

Radboud Institute for Health Sciences (RIHS)
Marieke de Visser (Marieke.CH.deVisser@radboudumc.nl)

Other general questions

You can mail to promovendi@dpo.ru.nl for any other general questions.