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Agreements with your PhD supervisor

It is important that you and your PhD supervisor communicate clearly what the mutual expectations are and that your progress is discussed at least once per year. Depending on the work method in a research institute, initially a trial period with a pre-determined result (for instance a completed research question or academic article) can be agreed upon. After this period the decision can be made whether it is useful to continue with the PhD project.

Further agreements must be made on:

  • Supervision
    In addition to the provisional PhD supervisor, a daily supervisor may be appointed. You, the daily supervisor and the PhD supervisor will make agreements on the frequency and form of the supervision.
  • Involvement in the research institute
    Research at Radboud University is done at research institutes, where the appointed PhD candidates are trained. Your level of involvement depends on the institute. You may be invited to attend research meetings, seminars, summer schools and the like. You can discuss this with your provisional supervisor.
  • Courses
    PhD courses are offered at most research institutes. You can inquire as to your eligibility for participation in these courses. The university also organises courses revolving around generic skills: developing a research problem, managing your own research project, presenting, academic writing, etc. The courses are free of charge for anyone who is registered and has a Radboud University PhD supervisor.