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Registration as an external PhD candidate

All PhD candidates at Radboud University must be registered prior to starting their PhD research. Only once you have registered as a PhD candidate can you officially start your PhD research and make use of the facilities.

This registration is handled differently at each faculty. For more information, please contact your faculty with the link below or with one of the following email adresses:

Evaluation of your diplomas
The registration process involves an evaluation of the diplomas from your prior degree programmes which have given you acess to the PhD programme. Please include a copy of these diplomas with your registration. If these diplomas were obtained abrod, they will be evaluated during the registration process to determine wheter they meet the admission requirements.

To be able to obtain a PdH, you must atleast have a Masters degree of equivalent. The requirements for obtainig a PhD are set forth in art, 7.18 of the Higher Education and Resarch Act (WHW): the right to obtain a PhD is granted to anyone who:

a. on the basis of article 7.10a, paragraph 1,2 or 3, had been awared a Masters degree,
b. in demonstration of his/her competence in carrying out indepedent academic research, has written a thesis or created a technological design and
c. meets the criteria put forth in the doctorate regulations

In special cases the PhD committee may grant the right to obtain a PhD to an individual who meets the conditions in paragraph 3 under b and c but who does not meet those in paragraph 3 under a.

By registrating you will obtain an university specific number which is called the U-number. With this number you can obtain a campuscard with which you can get access to all of the facilities of the university.
Information about obtaining a campus card can be found here.