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Printing costs reimbursement regulations

These regulations apply to all PhD candidates at Radboud University. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within six months after the expenses were incurred. The printing costs reimbursement request should be submitted with the following attachments:

  • The final invoice, showing the printing costs of the dissertation;
  • A declaration signed by the Registrar’s Office that it has received the required number of copies of the dissertation from the candidate;
  • A confirmation issued by the University Library Repository that the digital version of the dissertation has been submitted in accordance with the Doctorate Regulations;
  • A completed claim form found at: www.ru.nl/cif/cfa/formulieren/declaraties/;
  • A special declaration form for 'external' PhD candidates at Radboudumc. It concerns either the PIL (for employed personnel) or PNIL (for non-employed personnel) form, both of which are available from the secretarial office of the PhD supervisor’s department.

Printing expenses are reimbursed up to € 2,200. Total compensation shall never exceed the total printing costs for the candidate.

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
Completed and signed declarations can be emailed to crediteuren@cif.ru.nl

In case of questions please contact F. Akin Ferhan.akin@ru.nl, financial controller

Faculty of Arts
Submit to the Research Office: boz@let.ru.nl

Faculty of Law
Faculty office, attn. drs. C.M. van den Heuvel
Postbus 9049, 6500 KK Nijmegen
Grotiusgebouw 2.055

Faculty of Social Sciences
Finance (FEZ)
Spinoza building, Montessorilaan 3, 3th floor  (for non-employed personnel)

(employed personnel contact your supervisor)

Nijmegen School of Management
Heyendaalseweg 141
Attn department Finance, fmfinancien@fm.ru.nl

Faculty of Science
Human Resources
Toernooiveld 200 (Mercator I)

Faculty of Medical Sciences of Radboudumc
A reimbursement request should be submitted to the head of your department.
PIL form: for employed personnel
PNIL form: for non-employed personnel

Radboud Graduate School of Education
Attn. F. Geurts-Toorians or D. van der Aa, h.vanderaa@docentenacademie.ru.nl
Erasmusplein 1