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Annual appraisal- and career interview

Annual appraisal interview
PhD candidates that only carry out research are generally given an employment contract with a maximum duration of four years. PhD candidates who also teach in addition to carrying out research (simultaneously or consecutively) are generally given an employment contract with a maximum duration of five years. In order to evaluate a PhD candidate's competence, he/she initially receives an employment contract of eighteen months. Long before this contract expires an interview will be held and a go/no-go decision is made for the remainder of the PhD project. If the candidate has demonstrated competence, the employment contract is extended until the end of the PhD project, during which the candidate and his/her supervisor hold an appraisal interview each year.

The university uses a standard format for the annual appraisal interview. Some faculties, however, use their own format. For further information you can contact your personnel advisor.

Career interview
In addition to the annual appraisal interview, PhD candidates attend a career-focused interview with a qualified supervisor (in many cases the daily supervisor or PhD supervisor) at the start of their PhD project and more than a year before the end of this project. During this interview, you and your appointed supervisor will discuss your career development during the project and after its completion. You will receive information on the career advice and support available through the HR Department. If you have any questions about this, you can consult your personnel advisor or visit the Career Development page. Getting objective career advice will help you gain better insight into your career opportunities and give you a broader perspective.