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Hora Finita

What is Hora Finita?

Hora Finita is the PhD project monitoring system of Radboud University and Radboudumc from 6st September 2021 onwards. It is the successor of Hora Est, Hora Est PhD en PhDTRACK. With Hora Finita Radboud University and Radboudumc have an all-in-one system for the monitoring of all PhD projects.

Why Hora Finita?

Radboud University and Radboudumc are proud of the quality of their research, aim at continuous improvement of the research domain and invest in the best possible support and guidance of PhD candidates. A tool that is designed to monitor the progress of a PhD project and to give structured overviews is essential to support these aims.

Hora Finita assists PhD-candidates, their supervisors and the support staff from start to finish of the PhD project. Added advantages are its contribution to the lightening of  the workflow of stakeholders and the reporting options (management information) for coordinators, management and institutional researchers.

How do I get an account?

New PhD’s receive an email with the request to register in Hora Finita. Hora Finita “finds” its users, PhD’s and their supervisors, in our customer relationship management system (RBS). Log in with SURFconext on https://horafinita.ru.nl

If you encounter problems with your account, please contact your faculty PhD coordinator:

New faculty PhD coordinators should report to our Hora Finita administrator: horafinita@ru.nl

How does Hora Finita take care of my privacy?

In order to be able to use its functionalities, Hora Finita processes personal data. This is data from our customer relation management system plus the additional data users provide when registering. The data of Hora Est and PhDTRACK users have been migrated to Hora Finita.

The data are required for:

  • admission to the PhD programme;
  • planning and monitoring of the PhD project;
  • correct registration on the degree certificate;
  • mandatory reports;
  • management information for quality improvement.

Hora Finita does not process more data than is absolutely necessary for the purpose the system serves and does not process them longer than absolutely necessary. A retention period is linked to each data element.

How does Hora Finita function?

Hora Finita is a user friendly system. In case not everything goes smoothly  manuals can be consulted (English and Dutch).

Capacity is available for extra support during the first phase of implementation. Please contact the Hora Finita administrator: horafinita@ru.nl