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Ricarda Braukmann

Name: Ricarda Braukmann  Ricarda Braukman-DvA-151778LR
From: Germany                                                  
Master’s degree: Cognitive Neuroscience
PhD research field: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Affiliated research institute: Donders Institute and Radboudumc

"The unique research facilities and the research environment at Radboud University made me stay on for a PhD after my Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience here. And the fact that PhD candidates are employees rather than students makes the Netherlands unique; it gives people like myself a lot more opportunities than other counties. I get to work as a researcher, but this university also gives me the chance to do courses in teaching, the art of presenting science, research management, writing skills etc. I am part of a graduate school where I learn to develop myself as a researcher, and were I get to meet lots of other international researchers.

The atmosphere is good here, Radboud University has an open environment. I am not just left to my own devices, but work with an integrated group of researchers and have three personal supervisors from different fields to help and guide me.

The international environment and being able to work with people from around the world is great. Everybody speaks good English in the Netherlands, knowing some Dutch is helpful by no means necessary to live and work here."