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Roque Ruiz Carmona

Name: Roque Ruiz Carmona    
From: SpainRoque Ruiz-Carmona-DvA-154007
Master’s degree: Astrophysics and Astronomy
PhD research field: Binary Stars and Accretion Disks
Affiliated research institute: Radboud Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics (IMAPP)

Radboud University was a pleasant surprise
“When I was in the final stages of my Master’s programme, my supervisor in Madrid showed me the details for my current PhD position. I applied, did an interview via Skype and after that chose to go to Nijmegen over Paris and the Canary Islands. At the time I knew very little about Nijmegen or Radboud University, but the vibe during the interview was really good, I knew I’d feel at home here. Also, the programme included some teaching, which is something I was looking for. But of course, I liked the project and the facilities connected to it.

Excellent support
When I arrived here I really liked it. The faculty had arranged accommodation for me at the Radboud Guesthouse before I arrived, and it has been great to work here. Of course everywhere has its ups and down, but the department offers us everything we need and want. I am very happy with the facilities and with the worldwide connections the department has to offer. So if I have to go and meet someone somewhere else in the world because I need their expertise for my research, I have a budget, so can just book a flight and visit them.

International environment
The supervision from Prof. Paul Groot, my supervisor is good, and the contact with my other colleagues is excellent, there’s a real team spirit. We have over twenty nationalities in our department, and even though I am used to that now, I still think it is unique to share your  expertise and get to know people from all over the world. I work with people from for example South Africa, Mexico, India, Australia and Brazil. My home university only had Spaniards!

Sense of responsibility
I really do not feel a gap between the professors, PhD-students and post-docs at all. Everyone is very open and ready to help; people feel responsible for the work done at the department as a whole. So if I were to fail, the others would see it as a failure for the department, because they hadn’t given me the support I needed to succeed.

Nijmegen has lots to offer
Before I moved here, Nijmegen seemed quite small compared to Madrid. But I’m really glad we came here as the city offers all kinds of cultural events, restaurants and bars. But above all, we’re surrounded by beautiful countryside here, which is something I really appreciate. Nijmegen has been a pleasant surprise, my partner and I like it here and do not want to move again. But of course, after I finish my PhD we’ll have to.”