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Current information is available for academic researchers looking for international and national funding, grants and organisations that award grants on the website for Research, Funding and Grants. This site also contains the latest news regarding grants, as well as information on grant applications, financial and individual possibilities and legal (contractual) affairs. Click here to go to the Radboud University site for Research, Funding and Grants.

Staff member PhD candidates
Radboud University has an Internationalisation Fund to promote international mobility among its PhD candidates. Once you are a PhD candidate of the university, you may apply for a grant from this fund. This fund is mainly, but not exclusively, intended to cover travel costs for short-term education and research-related travel abroad, such as conferences or workshops. More details about the fund can be found on the university's intranet, Radboudnet (only available after you have officially registrated yourself as a PhD).

External PhD candidates
Through the University's Internationalisation Fund, grants are available for PhD candidates coming from developing countries and from developing EU economies. The requirements are that the PhD candidate will carry out (field) research in his/her own region and will visit Radboud University for brief periods for coaching and specific research facilities. Visiting candidates will receive their PhD from Radboud University. Applications for such grants must be submitted by your supervisor. For further information you must therefore contact him/her directly.

External grant options for PhD applicants can be found at http://www.grantfinder.nl/. This database is kept up-to-date by Nuffic, the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in higher education