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Obtaining your PhD at Radboud University

The doctorate regulations contains guidelines for obtaining a doctorate at Radboud University. Every PhD candidate at Radboud University must comply with the Doctoral Regulations.

New Doctorate Regulations starting September 2021

New doctorate regulations will come into effect from 1 September 2021. These regulations apply to all PhD candidates for whom a manuscript committee has not yet been appointed.

In the sidebar, you can find the chapters of the doctorate regulations and their annexes separately. The doctorate regulations are also available as PDF (pdf, 328 kB).

Differences between the old and new regulations

>> Use this overview to check the differences between the old and new Doctorate Regulations.
This overview lists the most important changes and additions. An explanation of the changes can be found in the mentioned articles of the new regulations. If you click on the article number of the corresponding chapter the regulation opens automatically online.

Steps and roles in the promotion process

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